What Do You Love Most About Your Partner?

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Their Uniqueness
You couldn't ask for anyone better than your partner. They're weird and they're not afraid to show off their individuality. They know they have habits and ideas that makes them stand out from the crowd but they have the self-confidence to pull it off. You love how they can express how unique they truly are.

Their Humor
Your partner always has you in stitches with their clever jokes and pranks. Your partner knows how to keep a situation light-hearted and you appreciate that ability. You know that even if you have a bad day, your partner will be there to cheer you up with a joke and a smile.

Their Confidence
Your partner knows how to stand out from the crowd and command a room and you absolutely admire it. They're not afraid of what others may think of them and you know that they are absolutely comfortable in their skin. Their confidence is something that you envy and admire.

Their Kindness
You believe that your partner is an absolutely selfless individual. You know that they're willing to help out anyone in need and that they'll sacrifice their needs for others. You love that they have a big heart and nurturing soul.

Their Understanding
The one thing that you absolutely love about your partner is that they're understanding. You know that even if you're cranky or misunderstanding some days, they'll still be by your side. They know who you truly are as a person and you love that.