What Should You Not Change About Yourself?

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Your Humor
You may hear that your humor is too dark or that some may not understand it but you should never change your humor. It's what makes you unique and the ones who matter will always find you funny.

Your Looks
One thing that you should not change the way you look. If you're changing your hair color or something as part of your individuality, that's fine. What we mean is that you should never considered yourself ugly or not socially acceptable because of what others may say. You're a beautiful person inside and out.

Your Outlook On Life
Unless your outlook is very cynical, you shouldn't change how you view life! Others may try to tell you differently and dampen your spirits but that's because they're trying to bring you down. You should always view life in a positive light.

Your Attitude
One thing you shouldn't change about yourself is your attitude about everything. If you view every in a positive light, you shouldn't listen to the people who try to bring you down. The world always needs a few more optimistic people.

Your Tastes
One thing you shouldn't change is your taste in things. That's not to say that your tastes aren't always evolving but you shouldn't change your taste if someone speaks I'll of interests. You should be able to like whatever you want without the negativity of others.