What Is Your Number One Rule In Life?

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Try And Relax
You know that life can be rather stressful so you know that's important to try and rest every once in awhile. You know that if you don't enjoy life every once in awhile then you'll end up regretting it.

Treat Everyone With Respect
You know that it's important to give everyone around you respect. You believe that you should treat others how you wish to be treated. You also know that respecting others can open up a ton of opportunities.

Know Yourself
You know that if you don't know yourself completely well that it can open up a ton of problems. When you know yourself deep down, you'll figure out a lot more things and will be able to make decisions easier.

Be Confident
It's extremely important in life to be confident as that will help open up a ton of opportunities. People will take you more seriously when you love yourself and are confident about your decisions.

Never Stop Learning
Life has a lot of opportunities for you to discover. You'll never be able to advance in life if you stop learning. Knowledge is what helps get you places and discover new things.