How Likeable Am I?

Are you wondering if the people around you really enjoy your company? You can find out how likeable you are after taking this simple and fun quiz right now!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not Likable At All.
We're sorry to have to tell you this, but there is absolutely not one single quality about you that is likable. There aren't very many people that like to spend time around you we're guessing. You might want to take this as a sign that it's time to straighten up!

Not Very Likable.
You may have one or two things about you that people find likable, but that's about it. You need to work on your manners and kindness a bit. Soon, you will find that people really want to be around you. Isn't that what we all want?

Kind of Likable.
There are a couple of qualities about you that people like, but there could be a whole lot more. Being funny, sharing, listening, and just being a good friend all around are what you want to focus on to become a more likable and appreciated person.

Pretty Likable.
You are about average when it comes to likability. You aren't everyone's favorite person, but people don't moan and groan when they find out you are coming to an event. Just be a little more mindful to how you treat people and you'll be just fine.

Very Likable.
There are a lot of qualities about you that people really enjoy. You could be at a party and everyone is going to want to take a minute to at least say hi. You could work on a couple of things, but you're almost as likable as they come right where you're at!

Extremely Likable.
Everything about you is likable. You are the favorite person in your friend group. When something goes wrong, or right, people come to you first to tell you all about it. Any reason to be near you is a good one. You are as likable as they get. Congratulations!