What Is Your Perfect House Based On Your Personality?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Beach House
You have a rather calm demeanor which would fit right in with the tranquility of a beach house. You'd love to be surrounded by the sound of crashing waves and enjoy the scenic view as you just live life.

Rustic Cabin
You have a rather low key attitude in life and nothing makes you happier than being in the outdoors. You're a pretty grounded individual and you'd prefer to live a more simple life than something extravagant.

House In The Suburbs
You want a home that's pretty traditional and welcoming. You want a home where you can raise a family and feel absolutely comfortable. You're family-oriented and tend to have strong values.

You want a unique house that showcases your personality. You love for things to be a bit extravagant and nothing is more extravagant than a castle. You have a bold personality that people can't help but love.

You don't need a huge spacious place in order to be comfortable. You feel pretty comfortable in a tiny and cozy little area. You're not really a materialistic individual and you prefer simplicity over anything.