Are You Secretly A Conspiracy Theorist?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Total Conspiracy Theorist
You're a total conspiracy theorist! There's not a single historical event or government issue that you haven't seen as tainted by an ulterior motive. The moon landing? Hoax! The Bush/Gore election? Totally rigged! You don't see anything as cut and dry in this strange world.

Conspiracy Spouter
You're a conspiracy spouter! You're a sucker for a good conspiracy theory. In fact, your friends know you as the person who can often get wrapped up in just about anything. You not only love looking into conspiracy theories yourself, you love to tell everyone about your conspiracy findings!

Part Time Conspiracy Theorist
You're a part time conspiracy theorist! You just can't help but get wrapped up in a good conspiracy theory every now and then. When there's proof or a good case, you're sold. Not only do you easily get entwined in conspiracy theories, you love to take to social media to share your findings!

Conspiracy Weary
You are conspiracy weary! While you're always willing to hear the case for a good conspiracy theory, you're more interested in the facts. You're not easily swayed by those who try to tell you what to believe and why. As an independent individual, you make your own assumptions on what's real and what's fake.

Not A Conspiracy Theorist
You're not a conspiracy theorist in the slightest! At the end of the day, you're simply not interested in theories and ideas that simply have no factual evidence behind them. While you're willing to hear these theories out, you're mind is already made up well before a case has been made.