Which Beatles Song Best Describes Your Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Here Comes The Sun
It's no wonder why this is the song that describes your life! You're an incredibly cheerful individual who seems to always have a smile on your face. Your personality is infectious and people can't help but be in a good mood around you.

All You Need Is Love
You tend to be a dreamer and you look towards a greater tomorrow. You look for the best in everyone and people will sometimes label you as naive because of your idealistic personality.

Strawberry Fields Forever
You tend to keep to yourself for the most part. You're a dreamer and you see life differently than most people. Your imagination drives you to do great in your life.

With A Little Help From My Friends
You don't know what you would do if your friends weren't in your life. They're incredibly important to you and you know they always have a shoulder for you to lean on.

Let It Be
You try not to dwell on things for too long and instead push forward. You live in the present moment and tend to be pretty carefree about your life choices.