What Percent Starbucks Addict Are You Actually?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Starbucks Addict
You are 100% a Starbucks addict. Not only do you visit Starbucks several times a day, know all of the baristas by name, and have a signature drink; but, you've actually gone so far as to buy your local Starbucks staff Christmas gifts. You're taking the customer experience to a whole new level.

80% Starbucks Addict
You are an 80% Starbucks addict! You love Starbucks the way some people love their dog. It's your world really. Without the sweet cool goodness of a frappuccino or the dark bold coffee, you'd feel as if life were simply not worth living.

55% Starbucks Addict
You are a 55% Starbucks addict! You might not fancy yourself as a full on Starbucks addict but you've definitely got some addictive tendencies when it comes to this amazing coffee chain. The good news is, you're not too far gone. Now if only you could get coffee in an IV.

30% Starbucks Addict
You are a 30% Starbucks addict! Sure, you enjoy coffee just as much as the next person, but you're not exactly discerning when it comes to which chain you get it from. In your opinion, coffee is coffee!

10% Starbucks Addict
You're a 10% Starbucks addict! While you can always get down on Starbucks seasonally, you're far from addicted to this stuff. We think you're a coffee lover, but you're an equal opportunity brand lover!