What to Text A Guy?

Do you have a crush on a guy that you would love to contact, but you're not quite sure what to text him? Take this quiz to figure out what you should message him!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

message him 'Hi, what's up?'
It is clear from your answers that you have not spoken to this guy very much. Therefore, you should message him something casual first and see how he responds. Based on his response you can choose what to say next!

ask how his day is going.
It is evident from your answers that you and the guy you want to text message have spoken on several other occasions. You may even have a bit of a relationship forming. Therefore, it's totally fine to message him asking how his day is going. This will show that you are interested in him and invested in your budding relationship.

send him a 'thinking of you' text.
It is clear from your answers that you talk to this guy pretty often. Therefore, you should text him when you think about him, which we're guessing is throughout the day. Sending a text that simply states that you're thinking about him will help initiate a conversation while also showing how much you care.

ask what he's doing later in the week.
It is clear from your answers that you talk this guy pretty regularly. Therefore, you should try texting him to see if he's busy later on in the week. This will maintain the casual-ness of your relationship while giving you a chance to ask him out. (Our guess is that he's most likely interested in you!)

tell him you like him.
It is obvious from your answers that you not only talk to this guy all the time, but that he likes you! We suggest plucking up the courage to tell him that you like him during one of your many texting conversations. This will give him the time and space to respond honestly, and you can avoid any potential in-person awkwardness.

tell him that you love him.
It is so obvious that you both are head over heels in love with each other. Therefore, we suggest messaging him and telling him your feelings. We don't doubt that he'll respond in kind. Best of luck to you (even though you probably won't need it)!