Which Mt. Rushmore President Are You?

Are you brave George Washington or honest Abe Lincoln? Take this quiz to find out which Mt. Rushmore president you are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

George Washington
Strong, sturdy, and brave, you are the ultimate symbol of American patriotism. To you, the lines between right and wrong run very clearly, and nothing -- no temptation on Earth -- could ever get you to compromise those morals. You live by example, are not afraid of danger, and do your best to always act wisely.

Thomas Jefferson
Clever, witty, and articulate, you are someone who understands the great power of words. A voracious reader, you bring your wisdom and intelligence into any conversation. However, that does not make you arrogant. You believe in the goodness and honesty of all people and that the best thing for them is to be able to exercise their rights free from oppression and silly limitations.

Theodore Roosevelt
Tough, rough, and straight to the point, you are the 'cowboy' of American presidents. You both work and play hard, exercise religiously, and study the world around you with rampant curiosity. You value the average citizen very highly and want to make sure everyone has a fighting chance at making it in this life. You also value nature and can be found hiking and exploring in your spare time.

Abraham Lincoln
A self-made president, you, like Lincoln, have worked hard for everything you have achieved. You are educated, witty, and clever, but that doesn't mean you can't communicate with the common man. In fact, your friendly, witty, and simple way of speaking makes you popular among all crowds. But above everything else, you are someone who believes in the real American dictum: liberty and justice for ALL -- not just the privileged few.