Which 1950s Event Do You Identify With?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Birth Of Rock N' Roll
The 1950s event that you best identify with is the birth of rock n' roll! Music has always been the most important thing in your life. It has brought you comfort, joy, solace, and energy. You look to it as a source of true happiness.

DNA Discovered
The 1950's event that you best identify with is the discovery of DNA! As a science fiend and someone who is endlessly fascinated with human biology, this discovery truly speaks to language.

The Korean War
The 1950's event that you identify with the most is the Korean War! Whether you knew someone who was in the war or lost a friend/family member, this war has always resonated wit you deeply. You always felt for the men who put it all on the line with little to gain for themselves, all to secure the nation you love and live in.

Alaska Joins The US
The 1950s event that resonates with you most is Alaska joining the US! As someone who deeply loves nature and Alaska, it only makes sense that Alaska earning statehood would touch you in a profound way.

Queen Elizabeth's Coronation
The 1950s event that you identify with most is Queen Elizabeth's Coronation! You've always been fascinated by the royal family of England, but it's been Queen Elizabeth that's always stolen your affection the most.