What Is Your Retro Sign?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Peace Sign
The retro sign that best represents you is the peace sign! You want nothing more than for the world to be peaceful and full of love. It hurts your soul that you can't create a true and lasting peace movement.

Fall Out Sign
The retro sign that best represents you is the classic fall out sign! Sometimes you feel so out of control, that you're worried about hurting those closest to you. Fret not, even when you make mistakes, your friends and family love you! As long as you learn something from every misstep, you can never fail.

The Okay Sign
The retro sign that best describes you is the okay sign! In your opinion, everyday life is A-ok. You rarely complain and hate to look at life through a gloomy lens. Even in times of diress you know that you're okay and always will be.

The Groovy Flower
The retro sign that youre most like is the groovy flower! You're quirky, punchy, and full of life! If someone had to describe the color of your aura, they would likely say rainbow. You're so full of life it pours out of you!

The Classic Smiley
The retro sign that you're most like is the classic smiley face! You've always got a smile on your face. In your opinion, the glass is never half empty. There is always a silver lining or reason to keep going.