What Percent Brooklyn Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

100% Brooklyn
You’ve got the Brooklyn attitude and the Brooklyn style. Your favorite way to get around town is by bike and you’d never drink coffee that wasn’t fair trade. Your apartment is an assortment of yard sale and thrift store finds. You’re as Brooklyn as they come!

75% Brooklyn
You’re 75% Brooklyn! In your opinion, organic and fair trade are the way to go. The only suitable deodorant is coconut oil and music is life. When it comes to fashion, you’d never hit a chain store or big brand box conglomerate. You’re an independent soul who marches to the beat of your own drum.

50% Brooklyn
You’re 50% Brooklyn! You love music and art, but hate people who are obnoxious about either. While you love to show off your personality through fashion and creative dressing, you’d never impose your particular brand of style on anyone else.

30% Brooklyn
You’re 30% Brooklyn! While you may agree with many Brooklynites about music and fashion; you just can’t get on board with their attitude. You believe that everyone is worth a shot, even those that don’t fit a particular mold or ideal.

10% Brooklyn
You’re 10% Brooklyn! When it comes to the boroughs of unique you may be more Queens than anything else. You’re kind hearted, forgiving, and totally willing to give anyone a shot. You’d never look down on anyone for their choice in food, music, or clothing. Also you love a good long hot shower, water crisis or not!