Am I Likable To Guys?

Wondering if you're likable to guys? If they have the hots for you, or if you seem vaguely within the realm of datable? Then it's time to find out, isn't it?

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Very Likable to Guys
You're kind, but not without a spine. You're funny, yet intelligent and witty. You care about your looks, but you aren't vain or materialistic. Most importantly, you're accepting, but you know your own limitations. You're a balance of everything, a relic, really. With looks!

Moderately Likable to Guys
You are nice and funny, and you have attractive features. You're moderately likable to guys, because of these things. But sometimes. . . it shows that you have a lot to figure out. A lot of growing still left to do.

Not Likable to Guys
You're not likable to guys. You have a bit of an abrasive personality, for one thing. But also, you don't take care of your appearance. And you're not too social, so there's no. . . inclination to really stick around or be interested in the first place. Maybe try finding new hobbies, or practicing more compassion and patience with people?