Which Emotion Guides Your Life Decisions?

Here are all the results with descriptions

You have a deep desire to discover the world and everything that inhabitants it. You love learning new things and sharing them with others around you. You're not a fan of routine and get rather bored with it.

You're quite a vulnerable person who can't help but get sensitive over tiny things. You're very aware of other's emotions and you do your best to make sure they're always happy. You're pretty in-tune with the world and how it feels.

You happen to be a natural-born leader and you're not afraid to go through life and show off your boldness. You're rather brave and you never second guess yourself or your decisions.

You're always looking out for others and helping them in anyway you can, even if you get hurt in the process. Your compassion helps guide you through life and makes your decisions.

You're always looking for the best in life, even if the situation may seem bleak and gloomy. You always believe that things can get better and you try to spread that optimism to others.