What Fall Flavor Are You?

Fall is full of changing colors and delicious seasonal flavors. Which flavor matches your spirit during the fall?

Tags: Season, Weather, Climate, Tradition, Personality, Attitude

Here are all the results with descriptions

You are a warm, sweet, and a little spicy. Even though you're a classic person, you're not a conformist. You have your own distinct style that everyone recognizes and loves.

You have a bright personality and a lot of creative energy. You tend to steal the spotlight wherever you go. People can't help but be curious about you!

You are a subtle, earthy person with a knack for grounding the more intense personalities in your life. You like to keep your life balanced and very in tune with reality.

Although you can hold your own in the world, you are usually found in the company of friends. Your fun loving and easy going personality means you can hang with any crowd.

Butternut squash
You are a meek person who avoids drawing attention to himself, but you still have a lot to offer the world. Those who get to know you can't get enough of your witticisms and insights.

You've got strong opinions about the world, and you never hold back from sharing them. Fortunately, there's a little sparkle even to your loudest criticisms. You don't make very many enemies, even though you speak your truth.