What Normal Task Gives You Anxiety?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Answering The Phone
Something that you just can't stand to do is answering the phone. You know it's a rather simple task but for some reason it just fills you with an incredible amount of dread.

Making Your Own Appointments
Nothing fills you with dread more than having to make your own appointments. You've probably done it countless time but it doesn't mean it gets any easier.

Answering The Door
You can't help but feel super anxious when you know you have to answer the door. It's a rather normal tasks that just gets you super anxious.

Waiting For A Reply
Something that gives you anxiety is when you're waiting for someone to reply to a message or call of yours. You're not sure what they may say and you can't help but imagine the worst.

Taking Change From The Cashier
For some reason you can't help but get incredibly anxious when you know you have to take your change from a cashier. It's a rather simple tasks that fills you with dread.