Which 60s Or 70s Girl Band Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Ronettes
The 1960s girl band that you are most like is The Ronettes! Much like this girl band, you're a sweet soul with a fun side. Though some may say you're innocent or naive, we know that you simply want to believe the best in others. It's your love of human kind that makes you such a rarity!

The Shirelles
The girl band that you're most like is the Shirelles! You've got a big personality and you love to show it off. With bold confidence, iconic style, and a sassy attitude, no one is every going to accuse you of being a wallflower. In fact, you're the life of every party!

The Runaways
The girl band that you're most like is The Runaways! You're a deeply intelligent person with a knack for reading others. You love to discuss deep topics such as politics, the nature of life, and human kind at large. Some might say you're edgy or mysterious, but we know you're just typically deep in thought!

The Go-Gos
The band you're most like is the Go-Go's! You're a fun loving gal who doesn't take life too seriously. While you could let little things get under your skin, you'd much prefer to shake off the bad and embrace the good. It's this willingness to keep going and live life to the fullest that makes you truly remarkable.

The Shangri-las
The girl band that you're most like is the Shangri-las! You're a girly girl who always embraces her feminine side. You love to discuss issues such as women's rights, equality, and the environment. You know that it's important for females to stick together and stand up for what's right, even when it's difficult.