What Magical Forest Being Are You?

What would you be in an enchanted forest? An elf? A fairy? An ogre? Find out with this fun quiz!

Tags: Fairy-Tale, Kids-Literature

Here are all the results with descriptions

Tending forest gardens of woodland flowers by day and attending parties lit by firefly light by night, you flit and flutter through the forest, laughing and frolicking with your fairy friends. Your mood can run hot and cold when dealing with humans, though, so it's in their best interest to stay on your good side and leave the beauty of the forest alone!

A woodland nymph that protects the trees of the forest, you are shy and quiet and most at peace in the shade of your home, unless lured out to help in matters of conservation or to give luck to those that respect the woods.

It's not that you care so much about the forest itself; you care about what's under it and whether or not it's well kept! You can't stand laziness or lack of industry--you feel that if there's a task to be done, it should be done well and as soon as possible. Not that you rush work. No, in fact, you admire a job well done. The forest wouldn't be enchanted without your keen management, nor half as beautiful!

Your grace and kindness are often apparent in the healing and restoration you offer to people and animals. The most elusive of woodland creatures, your quiet mystery intrigues people, and you will befriend those that are kind to you, but shy away from aggressiveness.

You are the most attractive of nymphs, both in visage and in character, guarding and tending the springs and brooks of the forest so that other creatures have abundant and sometimes healing or spiritually cleansing water. You are also a protector of children.

Your passion for all things fun may sometimes get you into trouble, but you are a hero of the forest that is well loved and always welcome. You love a good joke, and you really wish people would learn to take them well! If there's a party in the forest, you're there and you're going to make sure everyone has a great time!