If You Were A Teacher, What Subject Would You Teach?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Environmental Science
If you were a teacher, you would teach environmental science! Hundreds of high schools across the country have taken to including this course, hoping to get the youth interested in the environmental and the current environmental crisis. As someone heavily involved in the eco and green movements, you'd be a perfect fit for this job!

World History
If you were a teacher, you'd teach world history! You've always had an amazing passion and fascination with the history of the world. From Ancient Egypt to Oriental China, you find this subject highly fascinating. Your passion for this subject would translate in your teaching, making you an effective instructor!

Creative Writing
If you were to teach, you would instruct creative writing! Writing has always been a great source of release and creativity for you. Not only do believe that creative writing leads to a more whole life, but you'd love the chance to help others to tell their stories!

If you were a teacher, you would teach biology! You've always had a strong fascination with the source of life, genetics, human development, bacteria, and the function of living things in an ecosystem. For you, biology would be the perfect fit.

If you were to teach anything, you would likely teach gym! You believe that kids these days simply aren't active enough. You'd love the chance to show kids just how fun and rewarding fitness can be. Not only is it great for the brain and the body, but it's the ultimate mood lifter.