What Are You Most Attracted To?

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Sense Of Humor
You're most attracted to a sense of humor! You believe that life is best shared with someone you can laugh with. Not only is it important for your beau to be able to make you laugh, but it's important for them to have a sense of humor in every situation you may encounter.

You're most attracted to creativity! As a highly creative person, you're most attracted to those who are creative, innovative, and as driven to make art as you are. You crave a partner who shares your passions and your talents.

You're most attracted to intelligence! In your opinion, there's nothing that brings too people closer than a deep intellectual conversation. Not only is intellect an important tool to connect, but you need someone who views life through a lens of logic rather than emotion.

You're most attracted to sensitivity! As a sensitive soul, you sometimes find it difficult to be with someone who isn't as sensitive as you are. Often times, they fail to understand how it feels to be a highly sensitive and emotional person. It's important for you to find someone who is as deep and soulful as you are.

You're most attracted to passion! There's nothing that you find more attractive than a person who is passionate about something in their lives. Whether it's passion for travel or passion for work, you need someone who is truly invested in living a great life.