Who Is Your 2016 Candidate Based On Your Political Views?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Hillary, I'm With Her
Of course you probably already know this, but you support Hillary Clinton. You are probably a somewhat conservative Democrat and/or there is no way you will have any part in electing that misogynistic, sociopath become president.

The Donald
There is no way in hell you will let that "nasty woman" become the next president of the United States! You are probably a Republican, maybe a Democrat. You like the fact that "The Donald" says whats on his mind.

Gary Johnson
The government needs to stay out of your business as far as you are concerned. The less government interference the more liberal freedom we have and that is why your candidate is Gary Johnson.

Jill Stein
You believe in participatory grass roots politics, protecting the environment, equality for all...pretty much left winger. Recently the green party identified themselves as "eco-socialist."

Bernie Or Bust
You are still hopeful that there will be enough write-ins to elect Bernie. Wether you are drawn to his belief in democratic socialism, creating an economy that works for all, not just the very wealthy...There is so much to love about this candidate. There is always hope.