Ancient Goddess Names

A few light-hearted questions to figure out what your ancient goddess name is. You might be surprised to see what your inner goddess has been all your life.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Like the Greek goddess of retribution, you are feisty and not to be messed with. You're a natural strong-willed person with a side of mischief. You're loyal to those close to you but have no problem exacting revenge on those who cross you either.

Kuan Yin
Like this Buddhist deity, you are known for your overwhelming compassion and sympathy for others. Your heart goes out to those suffering and you do what you can to help, whether it's volunteering at your local soup kitchen or just helping out a friend in need.

Like this Egyptian goddess, you are a natural queen and protector with maternal instincts. You are caring and unstoppable. Nothing is impossible for you; cuts, illnesses, or a broken heart, you fix it all.

Like this Sumerian goddess, you are fearless and smart. You can handle any fight that comes your way, whether it's physical or verbal. You know your stuff, and you're especially versed in current politics. You have a lion heart that is ready to take anything on.

Mami Wata
Like this African spirit, you live, eat, and breathe water. Whether it's the ocean or a swimming pool, you're a natural mermaid. You believe the water heals all wounds and gives new life. People are drawn to your calm, 'go with the flow' lifestyle.

Like this Aztec goddess, you are a ray of sunshine. Your spirit is bright and exudes happiness and love. A modern-day fairy, you love dancing, flowers, and butterflies. People are attracted to your radiant heart and often compare you to an angel.