Which Lethal Weapon Are You?

Take this fun quiz to discover the type of lethal weapon that best suits your personality.

Tags: Personality, Type, Character-Trait, Attitude, Behavior

Here are all the results with descriptions

a Kitty Kat Keychain
This keychain is shaped like a little pussycat. While it looks sweet and inoffensive, the ears are razor sharp and a jab to the eyes will repel any attacker and keep them away. Like the Wild Kat, you are good looking and practical, but you have a dangerous side. Most of the time you smile and are friendly, but anyone who tries to mess with you had better watch out!

an Umbrella Sword
On the outside, the umbrella sword is a normal looking, black stick umbrella, but on the inside is a stainless steel sword honed to a perfectly sharp edge. Perfect for spies, the umbrella sword is the lethal weapon of choice for the sophisticated and intelligent man (or woman) who prefers a more traditional weapon that requires skill and reflects their impeccable sense of style.

a Flamethrower
We're guessing you're not someone who wants to hide in the shadows! The flamethrower is a deadly weapon that combines efficiency with showmanship. If you got this result, you're likely a powerful personality who isn't afraid to stand up and be counted.

a Crossbow
Combining power with style, the crossbow is a lethal weapon with class. This result shows that you are a calm, cool, and collected personality with a strong sense of tradition. You're not a hothead ready to blast off rounds at random, but a precise and effective weapon that is a result of years of study and refinement.

a Saturday Night Special (SNS)
A term used to describe an easily obtained handgun, a SNS is a popular and effective weapon both for self-defense and for darker uses. If you got this result, you're probably a well-liked person with many friends and a very practical and down-to-earth side. You can be the life of the party, but you are an industrious worker and are proud of your accomplishments.

an AR-15 Assault Rifle
Effective, powerful, and ruthless, when you need the job done, an AR-15 will do it efficiently and easily. The most popular assault weapon in the United States, this lethal weapon is extremely practical, but it does have a dark side because of its reputation for misuse. Like the AK-15, you might find that others will judge you, but they are just envious of your power!