Can You Guess What Your Manicure Says About You?

Ever wondered what your nails say about you? Find out with this simple quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Your nails are either very shiny or have little gems on them. Perhaps some gold or silver lines to add a level of glamorous chic. You're a very glam girl who loves to look her best, even first thing in the morning! To catch you without your makeup and nails done is pure blasphemy!

Your nails have interesting designs on them! Perhaps flowers or geometrical shapes. Nail stickers or bold colors with stick-on flowers. Whatever the case might be, your nails say you're artistic and enjoy designing things.

Your nails are very muted and simple. That means a soft, pale pink or nude color. Maybe a light gray or a peach. Nothing fancy here! You're a very down-to-earth kind of girl who just wants to look presentable, without all the flashiness.

Dark and Mysterious
You're very much dark and mysterious, and so are your nails! They are probably long, filed to a square, oval, or claw shape, and painted black! You like keeping your doings private and only confide in a very select few. You also hate it when people feel the need to divulge your life events to others. Trust is important to you, as are metal and all things alternative!

Bold and Bright
Your nails are bold and bright, like your personality! One week, they might be a bright orange, but another, they might be an eye-catching blue! You're a bubbly girl who loves attention and always seems to brighten up a room. Your nails have to match, of course.

Shy, like a Mouse
Your nails are barely ever painted in a color, as you opt for a clear coat most every time. While they are clean and perfectly filed, your nails are on the short side and simple. Your nails present you as being rather shy and wanting to blend into the background. Don't be afraid of a little color!