What Language Speaks To Your Soul?

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While you speak rather bold and intimidating, you actually have quite a gentle and caring soul. The only people who may see your sensitivity is your loved ones. You will do anything for your loved ones as you have an undying loyalty to them.

You happen to have a rather complex personality that takes others awhile to figure out. You're also quite a clever and gentle individual and you work hard for what you want in life.

You happen to be quite an intense individual and that tends to intimidate others. You're a determined person who works hard for what they want and you never give up no matter what troubles come your way.

You have a soul that just can't be contained. While you may seem rather calm and patient on the outside, you have an explosive imagination that you know you have to express with the world around you.

There's just something about you that others quite can't figure out. You're a complete mystery to others and that makes you quite interesting. You have a very ancient and wise personality that makes others utterly trust and respect you.