Where Should You Retire?

Should you stay at home or roam? Head for the hills or head south to the sun? Take our quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Lake Chapala, Mexico
You're looking for some excitement and adventure in your retirement, but still want to be close enough to home that you can visit friends and family regularly. The small lakeside town of Chapala is home to an active expat community, which means you'll soon make plenty of new friends. Culture is important to you, and Mexico is famous for its strong traditions and wonderful food. Negatives include the language barrier and occasional petty crime, but you are not someone to be put off by small problems, are you?

The Central Valley, Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a nature lover's paradise, and the Central Valley offers a very affordable lifestyle with a great blend of nature and amenities. The country is politically stable (You'll like the fact that they have no army!) and has decent infrastructure and excellent healthcare. The tropical climate brings year round warm temperatures, exotic wildlife, and a magical mountainous landscape. An active expat community means it is easy to meet people and make friends. Language could be a barrier, but a few Spanish lessons will give you a handle on the basics and many locals speak some English.

Klang Valley, Malaysia
You're ready to take the plunge and go somewhere really different, but you're not willing to go off the beaten track. Malaysia's Klang Valley offers world-class infrastructure, healthcare, and entertainment at a much lower cost than in the USA or Europe. The people are very welcoming to retirees from other countries, and it is one of the few places where you will not need to be part of an expat community, but will be welcomed into the local social life wherever you are. A combination of low prices and a wide range of goods means you can indulge your inner shopaholic, and restaurants are plentiful and offer everything from gourmet Western and Asian dishes to inexpensive local specialties. In fact, there's not much to not like about retiring in Malaysia other than its distance from major US and European cities.

Barcelona, Spain
Viva Espana! You're looking for somewhere that stimulates your mind as well as your body, and Barcelona, Spain might just be the place for you. A popular European vacation and retirement destination for decades, Barcelona has history, culture, sports, and excellent traditional Spanish and international cuisine. You have a choice of enjoying the active cultural scene and nightlife or relaxing on a sandy beach by the warm Mediterranean ocean. This isn't a retirement destination for anyone who wants to live the quiet life, which is why it's perfect for you!

Maricopa County, Arizona
You're looking to retire somewhere familiar but with a comfortable climate and plenty of opportunities for socializing. Home to the original Sun City retirement community, Maricopa county in Arizona is the perfect place for you. As the most popular retirement location in the United States, it has it all, nature and city-life, a wonderful dry and sunny climate that will chase those coughs and allergies away, and of course the most important retirement activity of all, GOLF! There are no worries or dangers from dealing with a foreign culture or language, although you'll find plenty of great Mexican influence and some great southwestern restaurants. Taxes favor retirees, and did we mention there are LOTS of golf courses?

Kinsdale, Ireland
Whether or not you have Irish ancestors, Ireland has a rich cultural heritage that will appeal to your sense of tradition. Kinsdale is not only a postcard perfect village, but is also the gourmet capital of Ireland. We think you'd be happy enjoying a long pub lunch overlooking the harbor and drinking a pint or two of Guinness with your new Irish friends. What do you say?