What Is Your Hidden Psychic Ability?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Aura reading
Incredible! It looks like you probably have a gift for aura reading that you could develop further! To aura read means to be able to see the energy fields around people and things. The colors of the auras you see provide you with information.

Automatic writing
Amazing! It looks like you might have a hidden talent for automatic writing! Automatic writing is writing that takes place without absolutely no conscious thought or effort. You suddenly realize you have written something down, and you don't know where the creation came from! You are very gifted! This is something you should try to develop.

Remote viewing
Awesome! It looks like you have a hidden talent for remote viewing! Remote viewing is the ability to see what is going on in a place where you are not present. This is an amazing talent, and you should try to develop it!

Incredible! It looks like you have a hidden talent for retrocognition! Retrocognition is the ability to have perceptions and insights about aspects of the past that you have no knowledge of. This is a fascinating gift! You should pay more attention to developing it.

Amazing! It looks like your hidden propensity is for telepathy! Telepathy is the ability to communicate with someone else through your mind alone. This is an incredible ability! You should try to develop it!