How Gentle Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

95% Gentle
You're an incredibly gentle person who just wants to help others and do good in life. You hate being too harsh and hurting their feelings so you try your best to be kind to others.

75% Gentle
You go out of your way to try and be a kind and gentle person. You can have a temper at time but you usually are soft-spoken and sweet.

60% Gentle
You happen to be a very gentle and sensitive person most of the time. You try your best not to hurt the feelings of others and be kind.

36% Gentle
It depends on your mood if you're gonna be gentle or not that day. You can be rather blunt and rude at time which puts others off.

20% Gentle
You rarely happen to be gentle. You're a blunt and harsh person and you know that sometimes you can hurt the feelings of others. You try your best not to.