What Kind Of Redneck Are You?

Not all rednecks are the same--every place has its own kind! Find out which redneck you are by taking this fun quiz!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You like sticking to the way they did things back up yonder in the holler. Your mountain home calls to you, and when you get there, you won't shy away from a little bitty taste of white lightin'!

Nothing is better than walking through a field of wildflowers with a good dog, as far you're concerned. You love the country life, and it loves you right back. So, take a seat on the porch, grab your jar of sweet tea, and enjoy the beauty of the country sunset!

You're the picture of those phrases that end with 'and that's how it was and WE LIKED IT!' You do things the old-fashioned way, and no one would be surprised to find out that your truck literally has rubber bands in its engine. You make do with what you've got; you stretch your dollar; and you never ever waste anything if you can help it. You just can't understand how all these eejit whippersnappers got to be such back talkin' little sassbuckets. Back in your day...

Home, home on the range... You can probably finish that line, AND you believe in it like it was written just for you. If you're the real deal, you can tell a Charolais from a Brahman. If you're not, you at least know what animal they are! If you have a dog, it knows how to 'jump up truck,' and if you have a cat, she's a good mouser. One thing's for sure, you treat almost everyone with respect and courtesy, and your pleases and thank yous always come with a 'ma'am' or a 'sir.'

Yokels love the land around them and are loyal to their homeplace and its people. Whether you live there now or not, you always think of one special place as being truly down home, and you never want to be anywhere else. It's likely a serene place full of meadows, a fishing stream or lake, and a real good swimming hole!

The most redneck redneck of all, you are the roughneck! It doesn't really matter if you live in the country or the city; the country is where you do your work--tough, hard work. Whether you're out at sea, in the wilds of Alaska, or twenty minutes from the old homestead, you're giving all you've got to bringing home a paycheck with good, honest work that you spend trying to make a good life for your family.