What’s Your Most Embarrassing Habit?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Thinking Of A Great Comeback Hours Too Late
Your most embarrassing habit is thinking of a great comeback several hours after the fact. We all do this. We think of that witty and amazing comeback...hours after it would have been useful. Though that can't possibly stop you from replaying the scenario in your mind again and again.

Tucking Yourself In At Night
Your embarrassing habit is tucking yourself in at night. Is it really embarrassing to want to feel cozy, safe, and loved? We think not. But others might disagree. This habit makes you fell snug as a bug in a rug and ready for bed!

Claiming To Know What Things Are
Your most embarrassing habit is claiming to know what things are! We all do this. A friend or acquaintance asks us if we saw the new Captain America movie or read the latest best seller. Instead of admitting that we haven't, we lie and say that we have. Then panic ensues when they ask what the best part was. Yikes!

Turning The Music Down When You See A Cop
Your most embarrassing habit is turning the music down when you see a cop. What is it about authority that strikes fear into your heart? We don't know. What we do know is that we're all guilty of trying to act cool in front of the law.

Car Karaoke
Your most embarrassing habit is car karaoke! You might not fancy yourself much of a singer on an average day, but in the car, you're Celine Dion level talented. You can bust a move with the best of them!