Which TV Sibling Is Your True Alter Ego?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Monica Geller
The TV sibling that could be your alter ego is Monica Geller of Friends! Monica and Ross had a pretty interesting relationship, but one that was certainly enviable. Monica never spared a jab at Ross, but she always made sure to have his back when in need. Much like Monica, you're a true blue sibling when life calls for it.

Jan Brady
The TV sibling that could be your alter ego is Jan Brady of the Brady Bunch! Jan was the picture perfect sister most of the time, but at times she was a bit envious of her older sister Marcia. Much like Jan, you love your siblings, but you can't help but compete with them for accolades and affection.

Niles Crane
The TV sibling that's your alter ego is Niles Crane of Frasier! Niles was wise, witty, and at times a bit of a pain. With that said, you share Niles wisdom and ability to pacify your siblings using only logic and words. We wish we had that power!

Carlton Banks
The TV sibling that is your alter ego is Carlton Banks of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air! Carlton often felt slighted or as if life wasn't fair, especially when cousin Will was getting away with things Carlton didn't approve of. Much like Carlton, you're confident, bold, and always willing to bust a move in the name of comedy.

Richie Cunningham
The TV sibling that is your alter ego is Richie Cunningham of Happy Days! Much like Richie, you love your family and are proud to call them your own. Though you and your siblings have had your fair share of disagreements, you know that you'd be lost without them.