Where Were You In 1969?

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In 1969, you were likely attending the Woodstock Festival in Bethel Woods, NY. You were always involved in protests, gatherings, and anything that brought like minded individuals to one place. With a deep love of music and peace, this was definitely where you would have been in 1969.

San Francisco
In 1969, you were likely in San Francisco in the Haight Ashbury district. You're an artistic soul who craves the companionship of like minded people. You love to discuss art, politics, and music with whoever will listen. Making connections is truly what it's all about in your mind.

Greenwich Village
In 1969, we likely would have found you in New York's famed Greenwich Village. You're always had a keen mind for literature and writing. Couple that with your love of folk music, and you certainly would have spent time in this amazing neighborhood.

London, England
In 1969, we believe you were likely in London, England. This fashion epicenter was full of the latest trends and clothing fads. You would have totally immersed yourself in a world of clothing, fashion, and amazing art pieces.

Various Draft Card Burnings
In 1969, you were likely attending various draft card burnings! You're a social justice warrior who just wants to make the world a better place for all.You've always stood up for what's right and odds are you always will.