What Temperature Reflects Your Soul?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your soul reflection temperature is 0°F! That's below freezing! You are just too cool, or at least that's what we think! You might need to warm up a little if you want to hang out with more people.

Your soul reflection temperature is 32°F. This is right where freezing begins. You are a little cold, but some people enjoy that about you. The people who love you will stick around, and anyone else just isn't worth your time.

Your soul reflection temperature is 50°F. This is when it is still a little chilly out, but it is usually sunny as well. Your soul can be gloomy and chilly at times, but it can also be sunny and refreshing. It just depends on your mood!

Your soul reflection temperature is 70°F. This is about room temperature. Most people feel comfortable at this temperature, and most people are likely to feel comfortable around you. You have a relaxed soul, so enjoy it!

Your soul temperature is 212°F. This is when water boils! Your soul is just too hot to handle! You have quite a temper on you. Try to cool down, and you are sure to make more friends and have a cooler time.