What Is Your 1990s Name?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your 1990s name is Jessica! The name Jessica was all too popular in the 1990s and beyond. Meaning "rich," individuals with this name were often social butterflies with a love of having big friend groups. You've never felt shy a day in your life!

The 1990s name that best suits you is Ashley! Like so many Ashley's in the 1990s, you feel most alive when surrounded by friends. You love to get together with your pals to chat, gossip, and vent whenever possible.

Your 1990s name is Kimberly! Like so many Kimberly's of the 1990s, you're a creative tour de force with a love of art, music, and fashion. You can quickly become obsessed with a new band or actor, often going all in with posters, t-shirts, and as many concert stops as possible.

Your 1990s name is Lance! Like so many dudes named Lance in the 1990s, you're pretty much irresistible to the opposite sex. You're smooth, calm, and seemingly never uneasy. With great style and impeccable charm, it's no wonder you're always doing great in the romance department!

Your 1990s name is Joey! Like so many men named Joey in the 1990s, you're a true class clown. You live to make others laugh and put a bad situation at ease. You're optimistic, energetic, and always looking to live life to the fullest.