Can We Guess Which Country You’re From Based On Your Typical Day?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Based on your typical day, we believe you're from France! You take life at a nice easy pace, often taking your time to get ready in the morning. You don't rush to work or put unnecessary stress on completing specific tasks in a certain time frame. You truly know how to stop and smell the roses.

Based on the results of this quiz, we believe you're from Britain! Your day is full of work, social engagements, and TV time. You're not keen on socializing much during the week and tend to dread your time at work. Work can be tough, but it's nothing a cup of tea can't fix!

Based on your typical day, we believe you're from Japan! Your days are typically booked full. Between work engagements and social engagements, there is little room for "you" time in any given day.

United States
Based on your typical day, we believe you're from the United States! You lead a very busy life and are always on the go. Most takes are to be endured rather than enjoyed, as you always have a million things to do in a given day. From running errands, working, and taking care of the kids, there's little time for relaxation!

Based on your typical day, you're from Norway! While you may spend most days working, you don't treat work as the most important thing in your day. Instead, you always make time for friends, family, and cozy nights at home. You live a very balanced and fulfilling life!