Where Should You Be Kissed?

Who said kisses have to be on the lips? Take our quiz to put a new spin on kissing.

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Here are all the results with descriptions

your nose.
You are a cheerful person with a bright sense of humor. You don't carry baggage from one relationship to the next. In fact, you don't even hang on to baggage from one day to the next. Each cute gesture your sweetie makes is like the first one to you, and a kiss on the nose is as cute as they come!

your eyelids.
You are a visionary person, governed by deep intuitions that other people don't understand. You may find that its easier, at times, to fly solo through life, but deep down you crave someone to share your inner world with. A kiss on the eyelids will tell you that your sweetheart is willing to follow you into your world.

your forehead.
You are an innocent person, and you value your innocence. You make a conscious effort to shut out dark influences in your life, preferring peace and purity over conflict and experimentation. With a kiss on the forehead, your sweetheart will make you feel secure and let you know that he/she is ready to protect your innocence, too.

your hand.
You are an elegant person with a ton of intelligence. At times, you can be caught playing the coquette; you see how to manipulate the emotions of the people around you so clearly that the temptation is hard to resist! Luckily, you are such a classy coquette that no one can be offended. A kiss on the hand will let you know, instantly, that your suave charm has met its match!

your throat.
When you fall in love, you fall madly in love. Just spending time together isn't enough for you. You crave flying sparks and eternal promises. You will scrape to the bottom of your soul to find enough passion for your love, and a kiss on the throat will tell you that your love is hungry enough to consume all your passion.

your cheek.
You are a logical, goal-oriented person, and you invest your emotions sparingly. Romance certainly isn't going to be your life's center-point. Instead, you are happy with a companion whose personality and habits are compatible with yours and who gives you space to do your own thing. A kiss on the cheek is just enough to let you know that you've got your partner's support. Anything more extravagant would be a turn off for you.