Which Trump Child Are You Most Like?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Ivanka Trump
Based on the results of this quiz, you're most like Ivanka Trump! You're like the most level headed of all the Trump children. Like Ivanka, you're hardworking, driven, and ambitious. Unfortunately, this can sometimes blind you the larger issues at hand. Keep your perspective in mind and you can do anything!

Tiffany Trump
The Trump child that you're most like is Tiffany Trump! Much like Tiffany, you're not much for the spotlight and you certainly aren't your parent's favorite child. You sometimes take a back seat to your siblings, often opting out of family events and get togethers. Despite this, you're still highly supportive of everything your family does.

Eric Trump
The Trump child you're most like is Eric Trump! Much like Eric, you don't like to be the center attention and tend to shirk responsibility for the actions of your siblings or parents as often as possible. While you always get dragged into your families drama, you're not typically the one creating it.

Donald Trump Jr.
The Trump child that you're most like is Donald Trump Jr.! Much like Don Jr, you have a tendency to speak before you think and act out of impulse. While you're a highly driven person, you can sometimes direct your energies towards the wrong causes or goals. You hate drama, but that never stopped you from getting stuck right in the center of it.

Barron Trump
The Trump child you're most like is Barron Trump! Much like Barron, you couldn't care less about what your parents do or say as you're pretty much off doing your own thing anyway. You find politics to be boring and would much rather watch some TV or play some video games than sit through a speech or formal event. You tend to be easily distracted and idealistic in thought.