What’s Your Hangover Personality Type?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Strategist
Your hangover personality type is a strategist! When you know you're going to be out drinking, you stock your kitchen with hangover preparedness kits to help you weather the storm. Between the coconut water, energy drinks, and Pepto, you know exactly what it takes to make it through a hangover with ease.

The Guilty Drinker
Your hangover personality type is the guilty drinker! Being hungover means combing through troves of drunken texts, listening to 22 minute voicemails, and sending hordes of apologies to everyone you encountered the night before. You don't remember much about your drunken escapades, but you do know you feel bad about them!

The Machine
Your hangover personality type is the machine! Even when hungover, you just don't quit and you definitely don't let a tummy ache keep you from pursuing a little after-after party action. For you, a hangover means drinking even more to get through the day and take the edge off.

The Company Craver
Your hungover personality type is the company craver! When you're feeling hungover, sick, or simply under the weather, all you want is some company to help you get through the storm. You'll call everyone in your contacts until at least one person agrees to hang out with you. Of course, they'll need to bring provisions!

The Hypochondriac
Your hangover personality type is the hypochondriac! You may have a surge of liquid courage while drunk, but when hungover, you feel like you're on the brink of death. Not only do you act as if every pain, ailment and tummy turn is the end of the world, but you tend to call up others demanding relief.