Which Modern TV Show Is Based On Your Life?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Walking Dead
Sure, The Walking Dead is full of zombies and a fight for survival, but the way The Walking Dead represents you is entirely different. Survival is a good start, but you are also innovative despite living amongst people who have become complacent (zombies). Don't worry - you are the bad a$$ fighter!

Game Of Thrones
Yes, Game of Thrones is full of dragons and battles among R-rated acts, but this isn't how Game of Thrones represents your life. Game of Thrones features drama between several families, something you are likely familiar with among all of the in-laws. Also, you may find that loyalty and blood always comes first - your personal creed.

This Is Us
If you have been paying attention, This Is Us is sweeping the nation in terms of popularity. It is about a family banding together despite all obstacles (if you haven't been watching, it is a REAL tear-jerker!). This Is Us represents your life because you value family and tradition.

Stranger Things
So, Stranger Things is chock full of sci-fi and action, but this isn't the reason Stranger Things is based on your life. Your life is often shrouded in mystery or unexplainable events. Whether these events are positive or negative depends entirely on your perception!

American Horror Story
Outside of supernatural activity, American Horror Story closely resembles your life. Mystery, tragedy, and the unexplainable - all common themes in your life is why American Horror Story is the story of your life!