How Creative Are You?

Do you have an imagination that just won't stop? Or is it impossible to kickstart in the first place?

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A Creative Genius
You are simply bursting with brilliant ideas. They come to you in the car, in the bathtub, and in your dreams. What's even better: you know what to do with them. You never let a good idea go. Others often express admiration at the unusual way your mind works. You aren't creative for the sake of impressing others, though you simply can't help it. It's who you are.

Incredibly Creative
You are observant. You are also a daydreamer. This may seem paradoxical but the two traits go hand in hand when it comes to creativity. Being observant means you've stored a lot of interesting information in that brain of yours and daydreaming allows your mind to make unusual connection between it. The result? Great ideas.

Extremely Creative
You need to shake things up in order to be most creative. This means varying your routine as often as possible (or doing away with it altogether). It is at these times when you are at your most inspired. Your mind is open then to wonderful possibilities.

Very Creative
It's probable that you surround yourself with beauty. Creative people are more sensitive to aesthetics than the rest of us. You may even have a studio space devoted to being creative whether you are a writer, a musician, a dancer, or a crafter. Beauty opens you to possibility.

Somewhat Creative
Although you're probably not much more creative than the next person, you know a good idea when you see it. And you've seen more than a few! Your strengths probably lie more in the area of absorbing information and mulling it over in order to make interesting connections, rather than constantly firing off outrageous ideas.

Not Very Creative
Your imagination is not your strongest suit. You are more of a realist. Your thinking tends to be logical. You're all about connecting the dots instead of taking flights of fancy. You are a great person for more creative types to bounce their ideas off of, though. You are likely to see the flaws in their ideas that they don't. And truly creative types appreciate constructive criticism.