How Xennial Are You?

Are you wondering if you're in Xennial generation? Take this quiz to find out!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

Not At All Xennial (more like Millennial)
You're not at all Xennial! You're too hopeful and too confident:) You didn't have an analog childhood and you haven't experienced life without social media. 'Friends' is an old fashion show for you and probably you won't remember last time you've handwritten something. You're unstoppable and you're living in a world of opportunities.

Almost a Xennial (more like GenX)
You've experienced analog childhood, adolescence, and college and technology is not something you enjoy (what was wrong with normal mail and landlines!?). Now you're fine with it but it wasn't an easy journey. The Recession hit you in your prime and left you with cynism, black humor and less money on your retirement fonds. Now you're okay, living your life and enjoying the moment because nobody knows what future holds. Let's prepare for the worst...

You're Xennial!
You're pure Xennial! You've watched My So Called Life, and you were heart broken when Jordano and Angela broke up. To call your friends in high school, you've been using the landline and often spoke with their parents. Finally, you got your very first cell phone when you were in your 20's! Technology boom also caught you in your twenties. It was a fascinating new world and you've made a very smooth transition into it. Social media are not so important and addictive to you, but you cannot help yourself doing a selfie once in a while.