What Kind Of Grandparent Will You Be?

Here are all the results with descriptions

The Traditional Grandparent
You are a traditional grandparent! Much like the name implies, you tend to stay in the background supporting both your own children and your grandchildren. You play a vital role as the head of the family, directing others and upholding family traditions. You are a pillar of strength for your entire family.

The Fun Seeking Grandparent
You are the fun seeking grandparent! You can almost always be found planning fun outings with your grandchildren. Not only do your grandkids always know that they’ll have a great time when they’re at your house, but they often know that a day with you is a day they’ll never forget. You’re fun, adventurous, and always looking to bend the rules for your grand babies!

The Surrogate Grandparent
You are the surrogate grandparent! To your grandkids, you’re not just a grandparent, you’re a second primary caregiver. When your own kids are exhausted, you always step in and take over the parenting. Your grandkids trust you like they trust their parents, knowing that you always have their best interests in mind. You’re in the business of making their childhoods as special and memorable as you can! Go you!

The Wise Grandparent
You are the wise grandparent! You’re truly the glue that holds the entire family together. Whenever anyone is in need of some wisdom, it’s you they come to for advice. You’re warm, genial, and compassionate. You don’t judge or issue harsh orders, you simply advise based on what you’ve learned in your years on earth. Your grandkids view as an almost otherworldly or mythical figure!

The Hip Grandparent
You’re the hip grandparent! You’re the grandparent who knows how to take a good Instagram photo, is always texting with emojis, and can handle any piece of tech your grandkids throw your way. You love getting down on the level of you grandkids and learning all about pop culture, fashion, and what’s trendy in the modern day. Many people admire your commitment to staying young!