Who Is Your Secret Admirer?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Your Mother
Your mother is your secret admirer! Since you were born, she adored you. She was probably your first teacher, your first friend, and she will always be your support system. She loves you more than you know.

Your Father
Your father is your secret admirer! From the day you were born, he loved you. Even though you're not his little girl or boy anymore, he wants to protect you forever.

Your Sibling Or Cousin
Your sibling or cousin is your secret admirer! (You know which one we're talking about.) He or she was one of your first friends, and it's like time hasn't passed at all whenever you two are together. You're partners in crime, and he or she admires you more than you know!

Your Grandparent
Your grandparent is your secret admirer! He/she considers you a true blessing, and even though you may not be as close as you'd like, don't worry - he/she always thinks about you and absolutely adores you!

Your Best Friend
Your best friend is your secret admirer! You two are inseparable, and you've always known, though you may fight and disagree sometimes, that this person is a blessing. He/she loves you more than you know and admires you so much.