What’s Your 2020 Campaign Slogan?

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Make America Normal Again
Your 2020 campaign slogan is "Make America Normal Again!" You already think America's pretty great, but you'd be the first to point out that things have taken a strange turn in recent months. Often it feels as if we're going backwards instead of making progress. You'd seek to make America the country it once was, normal, and full of of forward thinkers.

Free Healthcare And Pizza For All
Your 2020 campaign slogan would be "Free Healthcare and Pizza For All!" Sure, healthy living might not start with pizza, but happiness sure does. Not only would you want to fight for free healthcare for all Americans, but you'd want to fight for the overall happiness and quality of life for all Americans. Go you!

What's Mine Is Yours
Your 2020 campaign slogan is "What's Mine Is Yours!" Unlike most politicians, you wouldn't be about protecting your best interests and making sure others couldn't have access to what you have. Instead, you'd live by a philosophy that preaches equality, opportunity, and rights for all. If you have great healthcare, your neighbor should to. If you have access to clean water, your neighbor should to. You believe all Americans deserve a few basic rights!

This Land Is Our Land
Your 2020 campaign slogan would be, "This Land Is Our Land!" You truly believe that decisive politics are tearing this country apart. This land is our land and we should all band together to create a country that allows everyone to thrive. You wouldn't be out for yourself and your own interests, you'd be invested in the greater good of all Americans.

A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept
Your 2020 campaign slogan would be "A Promise Made Is A Promise Kept!" Unlike most modern politicians who make lofty promises during campaign season, only to turn their backs after being elected, you'd make sure that any promise you made was kept and delivered upon. You'd quickly earn the trust of the American people and a pretty fervent fan following!