How Well Read Are You?

What we've read forms our knowledge and influences our values and worldview. This quiz will show how well read you are!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

You are most certainly among the most well-read!

You obviously dip your nose into a book daily--or at least a few times a week!

Well Read
You've read most of the greats, and you read frequently. Keep it up!

Cultured Enough
You have a good picture of most of the literature that's referred to in pop culture. Try reading a few of the classics just for fun in addition to the other things you read. You'll love them.

You got through a few of the classics in school, but maybe you think they're just not your thing. Take a look at the ones you weren't assigned. When there's no deadline or book report involved, you'll find that they're quite a bit more exciting.

In Need of a Visit to the Library!
Books can open up the world to you so much more than movies or television ever can. Hit up your local library and dive into a good book!