Which British Detective Are You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

Sherlock Holmes
The British detective that you're most like is Sherlock Holmes! Much like Holmes, you are methodical when it comes to your work but rather bohemian when it comes to your everyday life. You take great pleasure in baffling others with your superior deductions. You never seek fame, however you'd never let anyone take credit for your work.

Inspector George Gently
The British inspector that you're most like is inspector George Gently! Much like Gently, you're known as being straight as a die, except when it comes to breaking the rules for the greater good. You're whip smart, intelligent, and highly logical. You can solve any puzzle with ease and skill.

Jonathan Creek
The British detective that you're most like is Jonathon Creek! Much like Jonathon Creek, you're the master of deadpan snark. You're an insufferable genius who has a way with numbers and a logic that just won't quit. Though you can frequently go off on unrelated tangents when talking, you're never disorganized when it comes to solving a crime.

Edmund Reid
The British detective that you're most like is Edmund Reid! Much like Edmund Reid, you're a highly intelligent and logical being who isn't afraid to do the dirty work to get to the bottom of a story. You're ambitious, eager, and always willing to follow even the most ludicrous of leads.