Which Sacred Celtic Plant Are You?

The Celtic druids believed that some trees and plants were sacred with special properties. See which one works for you!

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The oak gives strength and emotional endurance by giving you access to your inner roots of connection to the divine. The root Celtic word for oak derives from the word for door and symbolizes connecting to the ethereal through the 'oak door.'

This tree is contorted, twisted, and full of thorns, but it produces the sweetest of berries--but only after a hard frost. To the Celts, this symbolized and even foretold of upcoming challenges that would be followed by great blessings. It was also a symbol of preparation. If they saw the omen of the blackthorn, they knew it was time to prepare and be ready for challenges so they could face them easily and without strife.

In ancient times, people of the British Isles used rowan as protection from enchantments as well as protection for the home. In our modern day, we can look to the rowan as a reminder to protect ourselves from people who invade our emotional space or take advantage of us. The pretty berries of the rowan growing in harsh places also remind us to always remember the divine and look for it no matter what we may be surrounded by.

Heather's symbolic meaning has a catch: On the one hand, it represents unbridled joy, passion, and love--and on the other, remembering that unchecked related behaviors sometimes come with consequences. Heather is a reminder that, while you should enjoy life to the fullest and express yourself truly, you should do so after you've done some self-reflection. Heather says that, if you balance self-expression and self-control equally, you will live a good and abundant life.

Reeds make an otherworldly music of their own and were also carried by bards as musical instruments. Celts used reeds as roofing and as flooring for its sweet smell. Druids and scribes used them as writing implements to spread knowledge.The reed represents communication, connection to the other world, purity, and cleansing. Reed brings health, clarity, and happiness.

The druids believed that the hazel tree was the source of wisdom and knowledge. Eating a hazelnut had the potential to prompt visions or come up with solutions to problems. The whimsical curlicue branches symbolized creativity as well. The hazel tree is good for those who seek knowledge, creativity, and access to divine mysteries.