Which Famous Classic Actor Is The Male Version Of You?

Here are all the results with descriptions

John Wayne
A tough man that many people look up to, you are someone who truly represents masculinity in the world. You a self-sufficient and resilient man and you portray that well in many of your films. You're an inspiration to many people who wish to be just like you.

Peter O'Toole
You're none other than a man who has been proclaimed as the greatest film actor of all time. You have plenty of class and talent. For countless years, many upcoming actors looking for fame and success, will look up to you in inspiration.

Cary Grant
You're none other than a stunning man who is the epitome of class. You're a charming individual who knows how to use your looks and talent to your advantage. Whenever you grace the big screens, you can't but steal the hearts of everyone.

Fred Astaire
You're none other than an intelligent man known for his many famous roles. Brilliant and imaginative, you know how to make a role come to life. You inspire millions of people with every role you play. You also love to dance and look dapper as you do so. You're an amazing triple threat that many envy and admire.

Paul Newman
You're a dashing man who has millions swooning over you and your dazzling good looks. You know how to charm an audience and put on a show that many will admire. You have a ton of talent which shows in your incredible roles.