What Type Of Travel Suits You?

Are you all in for an adventure, or do you like to stay in your comfort zone? Find out what type of travel suits you!

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Here are all the results with descriptions

An Adventurous Traveler
You love going new places, trying new things, eating crazy foods, and meeting all kinds of people. You are game for lots of adventures, from camping in the mountains to taking a raft down the Yangtze River.

A Relaxed Traveler
For you, the point of travel is to let your guard down and really relax. You are all for lazy days by a pool and letting everything be taken care of for you. Spa weekends and all-inclusive getaways are your idea of heaven!

An Excited Traveler
You are always planning the next trip. You love to see the world, and nothing is better than the day before the trip begins. You don't mind lines at an airport or things going wrong with a reservation. You are just happy to be on vacation, and those things always work themselves out.

A Born Traveler
You travel for work and for fun. Staying in one place for very long just does not go well for you. Before you know it, you are planning to head off to the next place.

A Nervous Traveler
You know vacations are important, and you like to get out and see the world. However, you hate waiting in lines, and you worry about every detail. You have three backup plans for money, and you check for your passports and tickets three and four times. Once you are safely on your way, you can't stop thinking about the iron you left on or the garage door that might still be up.

A Non-Traveler
You don't travel unless you have to (we are talking funerals here). You love where you are, and you are happy to see the world via Netflix. If you want to try new foods, you will get takeout. After all, there's no place like home!